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Instructions on Submitting an Application



Thank you for choosing to apply for rental housing with our office, Wellman Realty Company. Wellman Realty Company is an equal housing provider. We abide by all Federal Fair Housing Laws and those of the State of California. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, handicap/disability, national origin, familial status, ancestry, age, marital status, source of income, sexual orientation or other factors that are unrelated to an applicant’s ability to comply with the rental agreement.


We would like to be clear regarding our very thorough tenant screening process. Please review our qualifying standards and if you believe that you will meet the requirements as stated, please complete the application on the other side of this page. Once you have found the unit you wish to rent, please bring the materials listed below to, 1415 Stanford Street, Suite #4, Santa Monica 90404.                       


1. Each applicant that is 18 years or older must complete an application. Incomplete Applications will not be processed. Occupants under 18 must be listed on the application.


2. $30 CASH application fee is non-refundable, per applicant. Some buildings may require a criminal check at an additional $10.00 per applicant.


3. Two pieces of I.D. must be shown. One must be a photo I.D which we will photocopy (a Driver’s License, Passport, or other government issued photo I.D. card) and one other form of identification.


4. A combined gross income of all applicants of at least three times the rent is the minimum required. Please provide proof of ability to pay rent by providing copies of Current pay stubs with a year-to-date amount, tax records, government assistance or retirement/securities statements and employer contact information. If the job has not started yet, please provide a signed Employer Contract along with additional savings information. For those who are self- employed, we require copies of business license, tax records and/or bank statements.


 5. Verifiable rental history from an unbiased source. A rental verification form will need to be signed by your current landlord; we will provide the form.


Your application may be denied for any of the following reasons:


  • Incomplete application or false information
  • Inability to verify rental history or poor references from prior landlords
  • Inadequate verifiable income to meet income requirements
  • Poor credit report
  • Court judgments for evictions of financial delinquency (including but not limited to bankruptcies, liens, foreclosures)


We hope that you can find the perfect apartment for your needs through Wellman Realty Company and we look forward to helping you to achieve that goal.                       



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